Best Digital Photo Frames

2021’s best digital photo frames

Your most treasured memories — from family pictures to special events to thrilling trips — may be displayed on a digital picture frame for you or others to enjoy. High-quality digital photo frames may help you stay connected with family members who live far away.

Digital picture frames that include applications to download suitable photo storage services are very convenient for customers. Additionally, certain apps may connect to several frames, allowing you to add contacts to your frame. Then, you can set up emails or a Wi-Fi connection to automatically transmit fresh pictures to the screen.

Before buying a digital photo frame, consider all of the factors that influence its price, features, and resolution. We looked into image quality, usability, storage, social network connection, and price to help you choose the best digital photo frame.

In 2020 and 2021, best digital photo frames

The Pix-Star 15-inch Wi-Fi Cloud Digital Photo Frame is the top pick for most people based on our research. For $199, you’re getting a large, bright, crisp display, but it’s not an inexpensive purchase. Additionally, you’ll have the ability to get convenient email features and connection with all of the main social networks. You may also listen to music via the frame’s internal music player, which can establish the soundtrack for your slideshow.

Those who appreciate beautiful design will like the Aura Mason 9-inch frame. It costs the same as the Pix-Star, but it approaches the digital frame idea from a different angle. The emphasis of the frame is on very high resolution pictures, with a concentration on the frame casing as opposed to the sound of the bells.

The Nix Advance Digital Photo Frame 8 inch Widescreen, which is more economical on a restricted budget, retails for just $79.99. Simple but powerful, the no-frills digital frame may be mounted on your nightstand and comes with many customization options. Also, it has a motion sensor that detects motionless room and automatically switches off auto play to help save energy.

In addition to being a top-of-the-line digital picture frame, an all-new model is also a great premium choice. Smaller than the larger Meural Canvas II, but more focused on personal picture albums, the Meural WiFi Photo Frame is sometimes referred to as the Meural Canvas II. It is available for $299.

Pictures and photographs are best stored on the cloud with both free and paid options.

1. Pix-Star Wi-Fi Cloud Digital Photo Frame

  Digital picture frame with the most available options.



  • Handy email features.
  • Photos look sharp and clear.
  • Connects with major social networks.
  • Facilitates multiple frame accounts.


  • Low-resolution video playback.

The Pix-Star 15-inch Wi-Fi Cloud Digital Photo Frame has the greatest image quality of any product we’ve ever reviewed. Images on a 1024 x 768-pixel screen have a 4:3 aspect ratio, and they appear sharp, bright, and clear. Depending on ambient illumination, you may make changes to the LED backlit screen’s brightness, color, and contrast.

A number of clever additional features may be found on the Pix-Star. You may listen to radio broadcasts from all around the world and include their music into a slideshow, and there are numerous options to choose from for making transitions. You may also utilize the built-in calculator, set alarms, and play games such as Sudoku and other puzzles.

With this device, you may send and receive pictures and voice messages to and from linked frames from a single account. Other online albums, like Google Photos and Facebook, are also viewable. The onboard memory consists of 4GB, and USB thumb drives and SDHC/SDXC camera cards are supported.


While the Pix-Star is the finest digital picture frame you can purchase, the whole line of Pix-Memories is a very great choice, too.

2. Aura Mason Frame

     Frame, pictures, and graphics are gorgeous.


The Aura picture frame has an aspect ratio of 9 inches x 4:3 and produces crisp and bright pictures. Colors are bright, but they’re also realistic, and the 224 ppi screen presents color depth and clarity.

In comparison to other digital frames, the Aura makes use of its iOS and Android app far more than necessary. Because the frame only takes cloud-based inputs, SD cards, and thumb drives are not compatible. In addition to the Aura Mason’s many new features, it has the new Smart Suggestions function that assists in picking photos from your gallery.

The screen brightness automatically changes according to the room’s lighting and a feature known as an “auto off” may be used to turn off the frame when it is dark in the room. In order to prevent finger smudges from ruining the screen, there is no touch screen. The frame does not use two touch bars; rather, one touch bar is on top and another on the side of the device.

The Aura Mason Frame is available in two color options: Graphite and White Quartz, and it’s either portrait or landscape position when it is placed on your table. The frame is a piece of art, which begins with the exterior design and then progresses into the inside artistry.

3. PhotoSpring 10 Digital Photo Frame

     Digital picture frame with the most available options.



  • Clear, bright screen.
  • Touch screen facilitates access to photo/video playlists.
  • Platform stand offers sturdy base for landscape or portrait viewing.
  • Accepts media from a variety of sources.


  • Peg leg stand fits poorly.
  • No motion sensor
  • Separately purchased hardware needed for wall mounting.

Another benefit of the PhotoSpring 10 application is the ability to see photos in either of two frame modes: a classic “matted” appearance with a black frame or a streamlined “modern” design. When you remove the black top frame, you’ll be able to see how beautiful the simple white frame looks next to your photos, but it’s completely up to you whether or not you would want to use it. Until the manufacturer releases a power cord with a 90-degree magnetic connection, you’ll have to buy a new cable if you want to put the frame on a wall.

PhotoSpring’s versatility applies to both its input method and style of operation. To transfer up to 30MB of pictures, you may do so via proprietary apps, email, SMS, and browser (or other supported app) share buttons. All material that is uploaded to the frame is saved on the device automatically. Integrated slideshow automatically plays films that are five minutes or more in duration, but does not support Apple’s Live Photos.

other more features

To the extent permitted by these Terms of Use, we grant you a personal, worldwide, royalty-free, non-assignable and non-exclusive license to access and use the Site and Services and its components only for your personal, non-commercial use. In addition to the basic version, which has to be plugged in, we tried the Premium version of the frame, which offers four hours of battery life.

PhotoSpring is simple to use with almost all activities performed by a single touch of a button. It is excellent for those who are not tech-savvy. The frame’s size makes high-resolution image quality possible, and because you may choose periods of time to be inactive, a motion sensor is unnecessary.

4. Advance Nix 8-inch Digital Photo Frame

    Providing the highest-valued digital photo frame



  • Sharp, colorful display.
  • Stereo speakers
  • Motion sensor


  • No onboard memory.
  • Video limited to 720p.

With the Advance 8-inch Digital Photo Frame, you have a functional small frame for a desk or end table that is decorated with vibrant, vivid pictures. Photos in the device’s 4:3 aspect ratio are shown with conventional LED backlighting and genuine color saturation, and details are crisply displayed. The frame displays deep blacks for black-and-white images, helping to portray skin tones as seeming realistic.

The motion sensor conserves electricity so that the Nix Advance 8-inch Digital Photo Frame doesn’t turn off when the room is empty. It may display a single picture; rotate a slideshow, or 720p video using SD or SDHC cards.

It also has a useful date and time display, which we appreciate. It’s a hidden feature, but it is always helpful to have it accessible on the go.

5. Meural WiFi Photo Frame

  An art gallery in your own house – great digital photo frame, too!



  • Stunning display+Motion gestures work well.
  • Expansive art library with membership.


  • Very large.

A photo-focused version of the museum-worthy Netgear Meural Canvas II, the Netgear Meural WiFi Photo Frame is more smaller, and while still delivering pieces of art from the Louvre to your living room, ditches the mat framing for a more homey appearance.

While maintaining a beautiful 1920 x 1080-pixel display is certainly important, the WiFi Photo Frame is noticeably larger than other high-quality digital photo frames. Because of this, it may not fit on certain desks or side tables. If you have the room, you won’t be disappointed with this 15.6-inch full HD display.

This anti-glare coating provides a clear image no matter the angle, and gestures on the frame allow you to choose and browse through your photo albums and settings. You may either choose from the Meural app’s vast library of artistic art, or you can manually adjust the frame’s orientation using the Meural app, which provides both Meural’s extensive library of art and a collection of collaborative picture albums for your frame.

6. Facebook Portal

      Video calling and Alexa connection are both great with this app.



  • Makes video calls through Facebook and WhatsApp.
  • Attractive design.
  • Displays photos from Facebook and Instagram.
  • Alexa is integrated.


  • Facebook voice assistant not as good as Alexa is integrated.

The Facebook Portal has a 10-inch touchscreen where you can see and access pictures from Facebook and Instagram. While it may be used for calls and video calls on Facebook and WhatsApp, you can also use it to make video calls using Skype or Viber. The Portal’s panning and zooming camera follows you as you go. Plus, you may use amusing filters to add some flair to your conversations.

You can use the Alexa app or the Portal to find out who’s at the door, and the Portal has Alexa built in, so you can also ask Alexa questions you would ask one of Amazon’s smart speakers. The Portal can play music from Pandora and Spotify while you’re not using it to browse pictures, make phone calls, or converse with Alexa.

The Portal is equipped with a button to deactivate the camera, and you may erase any recordings the Portal has heard if you want to save your privacy. You may either have the portal just preserve your recordings, or you can have it keep all of them. All in all, the Portal is an impressive device.

7. Aura Carver

    Most modern digital photo frames are compatible with widescreen images.



  • Gorgeous high-resolution screen.
  • App controls image positioning and lighting+Integrates with Google Photos and iCloud.


  • Does not play videos.
  • No ports.

The Carver Frame and the outstanding Aura Mason Frame are, in many ways, almost identical. The differences between the two options include the screen resolution of 224 ppi, as well as the simple and elegant external appearance – which may be selected in either Charcoal or White Chalk. However, there are a few distinctions. The Carver is built to support landscape-only display at a measurement of 10.1 inches, making it suitable for widescreen images that have a more expansive feel.

The Carver Frame renders picture detail and color with exceptional precision, and you can be sure that it will be the finest image you see of your photographs. There are no storage limitations and all uploads go via the Aura app for iOS or Android. Anywhere from friends and family, you may upload pictures to the frame using the app.

other more features

Although the frame is restricted to landscape orientation, it can automatically link two vertical images together side by side and does so without requiring any input from the user. Because the frame doesn’t have any physical inputs, you may choose to see one of your photos by tapping the touch bar above the frame. This is a nice option, since it keeps the glass free of fingerprints. The display’s brightness is automatically adjusted by an ambient light sensor, and the frame’s power is turned off automatically at night.

For optimum picture quality, the Aura Carver is an excellent option.

8. Nix Advance 8-inch Widescreen Digital Photo Frame

      The compact solution when available space is restricted.



  • Widescreen spacious with a small footprint.
  • High-resolution and bright display.
  • Excellent motion sensor


  • No onboard memory.
  • 15-second video limit.

Nix Advance 8-inch Widescreen Digital Photo Frame: For individuals who want a desk or table frame that offers the best widescreen viewing, we recommend the Nix Advance 8-inch Digital Photo Frame Widescreen. The picture quality is first-rate — colors are natural yet highly saturated, with many creative slideshow transitions, whether on a USB stick or SD/SDHC camera card. The frame has deep blacks for black-and-white pictures, making it great for photos with dark skin tones.

This motion sensor will turn off the autoplay when no one is in the room, and you can program the timer to activate the sensor and shut it off on a specific schedule. By connecting your Smartphone to the Universal Remote App, you have access to all navigation features via the menus, including timing, slideshow information, and screen changes. Extra amenities like a clock and calendar enhance the practicality of the frame. Because video playback is limited to 15 seconds, it’s optimal to have your videos played back at 720p.

9. Digital Picture Frame Dragon Touch Classic 10

     A good compromise choice



  • Multiple ways of adding photos and videos to the frame
  • Has a headphone jack 
  •  Home screen has the date, time, weather, and an alarm functions


  • Frame case appears to damage easily.
  • No motion sensor

The 10.1″ 16:10 touch screen of the Dragon Touch frame allows you to watch anything from static pictures and slideshows with unique effects to 30-second videos with a headphone jack to music. There are many methods in which pictures may be entered into the frame including an SD card, USB flash drive, and Wi-Fi.

The most convenient method to upload pictures is to use the UnsoPhoto application. You can also put remote users in the frame for relatives and friends to submit pictures via the application.

The quality of the image is superb with brilliant detail and vibrant colours. The Dragon Touch includes several unique delights like sound video, an alarm, a schedule and local weather. While the frame cannot be powered by a moving sensor if nobody is in the room to see it, you may establish a timetable.

As the layout began to chip on our model the frame box seems to be not very robust. And many frames delivered to American locations come with power connectors in Europe and Asia that do not fit into wall sockets. I got one of them to evaluate, but I could use it with an adapter I owned.

10. Nixplay 10.1 inches Smart Photo Frame

       Desirable mid-sized 16:9 touchscreen monitor



  • Social media image access via apps
  • Online Enable
  • Alexa integration
  • Built-in wall mounting
  • Magnetic remote attachment


  • No USB
  • No SD Slots

Nixplay’s 10.1-inch Smart Photo Frame with its 1280 x 800 pixel display and wide 16:10 aspect ratio, Nixplay’s smart picture frame lets your photographs and movies shine in a bright color and detail. See photographs and movies in a playlist and create slide presentations in portrait or landscape mode, which include many timed transitions for infinite enjoyment.

While it is compact as a standing frame for neatly placed on a desk or living room coat, it is also mountable to a particular wall by removing a tiny cover from the rear and fixing the string. Nixplay may attach to the rear of the frame magnetically on the table, so it remains firmly within reach. On the table.

The mobile application frame allows you to connect and manage your frame anywhere, particularly for elderly or family members who are not technically involved. Since it operates through Wi-Fi there is no physical input, such SD cards or USB sticks, but the frame has 8GB inbuilt picture and video storage.

11. Feelcare Smart WiFi Digital Picture Frame

      SmartTouch™ Standard Frame



  • Small and compact for tight spaces.
  • Photos look sharp and clear.
  • App lets up to 500 contacts add photos directly from a Smartphone.
  • Can personalize photos and videos with captions.


  • Physically can load images via micro SD card.
  • Micro USB driveVideos play for only 15 seconds.
  • No motion sensor.

The Feelgood is a little frame that showcases your pictures well and looks lovely. The low-key, black matte plastic finish looks great in any environment. When using a picture of 1024 x 600 pixels, an aspect ratio of 16:9, and excellent image quality, you have the ability to utilize the touchscreen to change the screen’s brightness.

While you may use an iOS or Android app to control the frame, or load pictures through a micro SD card, it is also possible to control the frame manually by inputting the desired images via a micro SD card. You may use the touch screen to delete, hide, and position pictures and movies saved to the built-in memory. A 15-second video is all it takes to get the message across.

You may use the Frameo app to post pictures to your online gallery, and you can add up to 500 of your friends to do the same. Having no motion sensor is a shortcoming, however the timer may help. Even though it doesn’t provide a lot of features, Feelgood’s fundamental functioning is simple enough for the audience it targets, who is often not technical family members.

12. Aluratek LCD 8-inch Digital Picture Frame

       Very effective non-connected budgets favor



  • Easy to use and set up.
  • Screen is bright with intense pleasing colors


  • Low-resolution screen.
  • Does not play video.

Aluratek 8 inch Digital Photo Frame:

Overall, the Aluratek 8 inch Digital Photo Frame is very simple, and it is a simple frame with that added feature.

It is a low-frills item that has no touch screen, internal memory, or a remote control. The 800 x 600 TFT LCD screen resolution includes basic picture placement settings, image stay time, and screen brightness adjustment settings. SD cards up to 32GB or a USB drive may be plugged in.

To adjust the controls, you have to get your hands on the frame. Even if all SD cards and USB drives are removed, you can’t alter any of the settings until all USB drives and SD cards are removed.

The frame is of a basic plastic construction, and the plastic support is screw-in, but there is no way to display it on the wall. Normal-size USB drives protrude out of the frame’s side, like items that don’t fit into the picture. There are 11 transition styles to select from, and you may show images from 3 seconds to 1 hour.

The Best Digital Photo Frames to Choose From:

Think about what you want to get out of this Digital Picture Frame.

Even if you don’t have a large budget, you still want your digital picture frame photos to appear genuine. Keep in mind that although they’re standard, 1024 x 768 resolution, bright colors, and crisp details are ideal. Be on the lookout for too bright, muted-colored, low-contrast, and soft-looking frames.

Additionally, you should examine your technological proficiency as well as where most of your images are presently kept. If you aren’t connecting your frames, non-connected ones are the simplest. You don’t have to enter complicated passwords or deal with fussy networks. While these frames support camera cards and USB flash drives, they include slots for either storing 32GB of photos, movies, and music on your frame.

When pictures from social network photo sites are included, Connected Frames provide additional options for obtaining and changing out images, but they are more complex to utilize. You’ll get the greatest advantage from an integrated frame if most of your photos are stored on social media and cloud services.

How do we evaluate digital photo frames?

We have tested some of the most popular digital picture frames across many parameters. First, we consider picture quality and aspect ratio while reviewing images. To retain a natural-looking crop, the digital recreations of photographs must appear crisp and realistic while looking photographic.

To put it another way, ease of use is another characteristic we look for when evaluating the finest digital picture frames. The simpler the navigation and setup of a frame, the greater the value. However, it is also essential to have a large selection of linked characteristics. The frames in this list seem to achieve a balance between form and function.

We are also concerned with other factors, such as storage and sensors. A number of digital picture frames include built-in memory, while others use various means of wireless internet streaming, USB flash drives, or SD cards. It is essential that the body of the frame stays out of sight any camera card or USB drive you may utilize.

On the other hand, it is virtually mandatory to use a motion sensor. If no one is in the room to see the digital picture frames, digital photo frames do not need to waste energy by running all day long.

Several clock and calendar app widgets and speaker ports are available on clock and calendar app widgets and speaker ports clocks and calendars are offered by many apps. While these features are not requirements, they are great bonuses.

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