What is Digital Wall Calendar?

A digital wall calendar is a calendar that automatically displays your events and changes on a screen (tablet, TV, monitor). It supports Google Calendar, I-Cloud Calendar, Facebook, and other online calendar services!

Who invented the Digital Wall Calendar?

As a wall calendar, the invention relates to a digital wall calendar with an integrated electronic calendar. It typically features a small alphanumeric keyboard and a one, two, or three-line LCD screen. Satyan Pitroda, a businessman from India, invented the electronic calendar or organizer in 1975. Because he invented the Electronic Calendar or Diary in 1975, he is considered one of the earliest pioneers of handheld computing.

Digital Calendars to Get You Organized in 2021

All your appointments, reminders, and dates were once kept on the wall calendar. About the size of a poster board, the device hangs on your wall and shows what’s happening either in daily mode or as a full monthly calendar. Digital Wall Calendar integrates with Google Calendar, iCloud Calendar, Facebook, and other online calendaring services. When you use a daily planner, you’ll feel like you’re carrying your entire life around with you. Here are the most up-to-date digital calendars and applications to help you and your family stay organized.

Google, Outlook, Apple, Cozi, and Yahoo all sync with the Skylight Calendar. It allows you to add events directly to the 10-inch touch-screen display, ensuring that no one misses out. Make chore lists, grocery lists, and even a meal planner to remind your kids or significant other to do their chores. It also connects to any photo streaming device, allowing you to broadcast your life to the world. While the Echo Show is capable of various tasks, like video calling, entertainment viewing, and photo display, this smart device interactively displays your calendar if you need to stay organized.

Various kinds of digital wall calendar

There are many kinds of digital wall calendars. They are: 

DAKboard Calendar

On the last day of the year, this digital wall calendar does not require page-turning or tossing. The device, about the size of a poster board, hangs on your wall and shows what’s happening either in daily mode or as a full monthly calendar. It syncs with Google Calendar, iCloud Calendar, Facebook, and other online calendar services (because that’s how we’ll roll in 2021) and keeps you updated on weather, traffic, to-do lists, newsfeeds, and stock quotations, among other things. It also connects to any photo streaming device, allowing you to share your life narrative in a slideshow format with the world.

Skylight Calendar

Maintaining a master calendar with everyone’s schedule can make your family’s life (and everyone in it) run smoothly. When using the Skylight Calendar, you can keep track of everyone’s whereabouts in one spot, regardless of whether they use Google, Outlook, Apple, Cozi, or Yahoo. The 10-inch touch-screen display allows you to add events directly on the screen, ensuring that no one is left out. Produce to-do lists for your children or partner, grocery lists, and even a meal planner to motivate them.

Echo Show

In addition to video calling, entertainment viewing, and photo display, the Echo Show also offers an interactive calendar that you can use to stay on top of your to-do list. It presents past and present events in a list, a three-day view, and a month-by-month view in three separate settings. It syncs with any Google, Microsoft, or Apple calendar. On the home screen, it also displays your daily schedule. The Alexa capabilities, on the other hand, elevate this date keeper to epic proportions. Ask it, “what’s on my calendar today?” or “what to-dos do I have today?” and it will provide you with a comprehensive list. Also, you can tell it to add a new entry by telling it to do so.

Cozi Family Organizer

The Cozi Family Organizer app, while not technically a separate gadget, transforms your smartphone into the ideal family planner. With this one-app marvel, you can keep track of everyone’s schedules, appointments, and activities, plan meals, check things off your to-do list, and check them off your list all at the same time. It color-codes schedules, delivers notifications, and even lets you construct customized to-do lists with links to products you need to reorder. To make things easier, the Cozi list library has dozens of pre-made checklists for everything from birthday celebrations and vacation packing to emergency supplies and shopping. You don’t even have to write your chores. It’s a personal assistant in digital form. The Apple Store or Google Play both provide free versions of Cozi Family Organizer.

Easy to configure, easy to change

Wi-Fi-enabled LED screen with IPS technology provides sharp and vibrant visuals from every angle. Register for free to see how it works. Use your current laptop or tablet, or use a monitor and a Raspberry Pi to build your digital photo frame!  or best photo frames . Start enjoying it right away by placing it on a shelf or counter. It’s that simple! Make an account for nothing.

Organize Your Life with Digital Calendars

The wall calendar, or for some, the portable daily planner, was the keeper of all appointments, reminders, and dates. Two issues depend on your preference. With the wall iteration, your life was stuck. With a daily planner, you felt like you were carrying your life. Today’s iterations feature technology that makes every crucial time, date, and a reminder just a swipe away for those who still prefer a paper calendar. And no paper is wasted. Here are the latest digital calendars and applications to keep you and your family on track. This smart wall calendar eliminates page-turning and year-end tossing. The poster-board-sized device hangs on your wall and displays daily or monthly events. That means it syncs with Google Calendar, iCloud Calendar, Facebook, and other online calendar services. It also connects to any photo streaming device, allowing you to share your life narrative in a slideshow.

Automagically updates events

Refreshes automatically to display newly added or revised events Uses your existing Google, Microsoft, or Apple iCloud calendar to establish a connection with this one. How do you add events to your calendar? With Siri, Alexa, Google Assistant, or the calendar app? It doesn’t matter in the slightest. If you add something to your Google or Microsoft Calendar, your Mango Display will show it. Instantly. Almost Like the Power of Magic! Every day, essential real estate news from around the world is delivered to your inbox.

View your photos or add amazing backgrounds!

Displays new photographs instantly and allows you to stream them directly from your Google or Apple photo albums, respectively. Make a point of bringing all of your digital images into your physical residence. Relish those priceless recollections every single day. Stay inspired and seize the day by seeing amazing HD photographs of architecture, wildlife, and art on unsplash.com.

Sync Your Most Important Events in Just Minutes

All you have to do now is: Connect to Wi-Fi by plugging it in. Sync your calendars or invite people to specific events. It can use Color-coding and multiple views (day, week, or month!) to personalize your display. You will display all of your events on a single device. To zoom in and out of everyone’s schedule, choose a day, week, or month view. Invite your calendar email address to events, or sync your Google, Apple, or Outlook calendar.

Beautifully designed view of the schedule

You can use the menu style calendar to display up-and-coming events or conference schedules like Upcoming Events, Conference Room Schedule, and Meeting Room Availability. The event’s start and conclusion times and its location are all marked in the description. A color-coded calendar lets you know what’s on each day of the week.

Google Calendar Apple iCloud Calendar Facebook Events Microsoft Office365 ICS Files Stunning Agenda Watch the agenda style calendar Is Excellent for displaying upcoming forthcoming events, Conference programs, or meeting room schedules. Very long descriptions, Start and End times, and the event place, are typical easily observable. Opt for a shade for every single calendar and then watch it to the program.

  • Upcoming Events
  • Conference Room Program
  • Construction Place Availability

What is the Best Family Calendar App?

I recommend you use: Cozi. As our favorite calendar app! We love it because it is all accessible from an app on your phone and your other devices (tablet, Desktop)- and every family member can access your calendar through the app.

Specially designed as a calendar app for families, Cozi features the ability to keep multiple calendars (color-coded by a family member), allows you to make to-do lists and grocery lists, menu plan, and provides several options for printing calendars. You can set reminders and email notes for upcoming appts. You can share your to-do lists with your family too.

Another awesome feature is Cozi’s skills integration with Alexa- which allows you to tell Alexa to add something to your shopping list simply- and it will appear immediately in your Cozi app!

  • Supports multiple calendars- color-coded by a family member
  • Limited options to print out your calendar
  • Can easily set up recurring events.
  • While to-do lists are integrated with Alexa (using a skill), you can’t add items to your calendar via Alexa.
  • Syncs with other e-calendars and apps.
  • Easily create to-do lists and share them with family members.
  • Can maintain a family journal

Jumped to the top of our recommendation list for 2021 for several reasons:

It is incredibly simple to install and pull over all of your existing calendar information from Apple or Google

It has two-way sync with popular Calendar apps like Apple Calendar and Google Calendar- so if you’ve already set up sharing with other family members. You can leave all of that in place and enjoy using all of the additional functions in Any. do

You can set the home screen on your device to be your Any. do calendar- and we certainly appreciate the beautiful design of the calendar layout.

Within the app- you have options of several views of your calendar (our fav is the three-day view)

Any.do integrate with Alexa- for both the to-do list as well as the calendar! We love being able to add things to our shopping list while we’re making dinner- and we never have even to touch our phones!

Some features come with the Premium version of the app- one is called moments- where you can spend a few moments reviewing all of the events and to-do’s of the day and assign them to specific time slots and add reminders. A great way to start each day!

We recommend using both Any.do and Apple Calendar together for the best of both apps functionality that works together seamlessly!

It would be perfect for my family. How do I get started?

Display type and size: Which size do you prefer?

With the Amazon Fire TV, you may choose between a 7′′ – 10′′ Android or Amazon Fire tablet and a 15′′ – 42′′ display or TV. You have an option. If you prefer to display your calendar as a list of forthcoming events (next 5, etc.) or in a weekly format, a tiny screen – less than 10′′ in size – will suffice. A larger screen, on the other hand, is required for a complete monthly or multiple-week calendar view.

Display Placement: Where do you want it to be displayed?

The office desk, the kitchen counter, the living room wall, the kitchen wall, and so on. Remember that you will need a power source, so choose a site properly. Pad Tab 2 is a scratch-free stick-on mount for your fridge or wall.

Display design and style:

Use a sleek tablet, HDMI screen, or TV screen to keep things sleek and modern. When selecting, also consider how the power cords or HDMI attach to these gadgets, as you want them to match your aesthetic.

Power management options:

Create a routine in the Alexa app to turn on your display at specified times when you are at home or in the same room if you use an Amazon Fire Tablet or Amazon Fire TV. Details, as well as typical templates to get you started, are provided below. Mango Display or an Amazon Fire TV with a Motion Sensor

How to Build a Raspberry Pi-based Family Calendar?

A Raspberry Pi Zero W (smaller and cheaper) and a read-only filesystem were used in this tutorial by a buddy (advanced). It’s quite simple! He used the DakBoard Blog, but he already had the most of the information.
Get a Raspberry Pi 3 for $35. You won’t need an extra adaptor because the three are fast and have Wi-Fi.
He prefers a 2.5A power supply, but some sources claim that the Raspberry Pi can be powered by the monitor’s USB port if it can provide at least 1A. 500mA will almost certainly result in instability. It depends on whether you want to try to reduce everything to a single power cable.

Micro SD Card & HDMI Cable:

Cheap Micro SD Card – 8 gigabytes is fine, but whatever works for you is fine. This doesn’t have to be fantastic.
An HDMI cable with a length of one foot. Because the Raspberry Pi will be mounted to the back of the monitor and hidden, the cable should be as short as feasible.
To keep HDMI wires from jutting out, you may require a 90-degree or 270-degree adaptor, or a short cable having this built-in. Finally, a 24″ or so (smaller is fine). LCD (IPS) monitor with thin bezels and HDMI inputs on the side (not the rear), as you want this to be flush against the wall.


Consider your mounting options. You can remove the monitor’s back, hang it with wire, or use a VESA mount that is flush with the wall. On a Raspberry Pi, install Raspbian. I bootstrap my install with Noobs because it’s quick and simple. Go over the basics of setting up your computer. Ascertain that the following is in place:

  • Wi-Fi login
  • Timezone
  • Boot to Desktop automatically
  • Install Chromium via “sudo apt-get install -y rpi-chromium-mods.”

Then you make sure Chromium is running in full-screen mode, the mouse is hidden, and we’re staring at the dashboard! You must not touch it. It’s a piece of household equipment.

Make a Digital Wall Calendar in 10 minutes - Mango Display.

We are all familiar with the concept of a wall calendar. Something resembling the image above. For decades, it has been used to assist individuals to see the dates in the month and plan their calendars properly.
It was useful when our schedules were basic and we could write events and meetings in the calendar’s boxes.
This is no longer conceivable in today’s environment, where we keep our calendars on our phones and activities are constantly added and updated.

As a result, the vast majority of people now use their smartphones as their primary calendars.

The main purpose of these wall calendars, however, was to keep the entire family informed about family events and schedules at a glance.

Wouldn't it be fantastic to have a digital wall calendar that displayed events for everyone to see?

Use beautiful backgrounds or family photos to keep it visually appealing. Mango Display makes it possible for you to do just that.
With the Mango Display Android App, any tablet can be used as a calendar display.
To view your digital wall calendar on a larger screen, use the Mango Display App for Fire TV. Enjoy a Fire TV stick connected to any HDMI display.
You have the option of viewing calendars in Monthly, Weekly, or List view, with many more possibilities to come in the future.
For the backdrop photographs, you can choose from a variety of Unsplash categories, including Nature, Night Sky, Architecture, and more. Alternatively, you may make it more personal by using Google or Apple Photographs to select photos from your family’s photo albums.


You can also install weather and clock widgets, as well as a variety of other widgets. As a result, you can customize the wall calendar to your liking. Events are automatically updated, ensuring that everyone in the family is aware of the future schedule and events.

This customizable electronic wall display can help with the busy and chaotic lifestyles we live in today by providing some clear and stunning schedule visibility.

Raspberry Pi: Wall Mounted Calendar and Notification Center

Before the digital age, many families used wall calendars to show a monthly view of upcoming events. This modern version of the wall-mounted calendar includes the same basic functions. The gadget will also handle Upcoming events in the surrounding area. Live information about public transport.

Step 1: The Hardware.

Make a piece of wood and cut a hole in the back for the electronics. Drill holes for the buttons and wiring, and use cork and screwdrivers to secure the screen to the board.

Step 2: The Software

The Raspbian operating system transforms the Raspberry Pi into a kiosk. The OS will automatically launch a webpage in full-screen mode, and it will utilize the Push Buttons to control the website’s information. Setting up a webpage and a web browser is all that is required.

Step 3: Create a Webpage and Webserver

Because this will only work if the frame is focused, I’ve written a JavaScript to ensure that it is. The webpage serves as the Raspberry Pi’s canvas. Either upload the index.html file to your server or use your Raspberry Pi as a webserver to host it locally.

Step 4: Install a Web Browser and Customize the Calendar Design

The only browser that can run the latest version of Google Calendar is Firefox for Linux. Instead of presenting the calendar on a separate page, local CSS is used to adjust the calendar’s appearance in a web browser’s canvas-webpage (such as calendar).

Step 5: Set Up the Push Buttons.

The Push Buttons are used to navigate forward and backward in the calendar month view. By default, this is accomplished by hitting “p” and “n” on a keyboard. Create a Python script to make push buttons operate. The calendar looks better because of the use of local CSS.


Utilize our haul and shed custom-made display screen E-ditor to develop a pixel best design to flaunt all of your articles. Begin with a scratch or utilize a few of the many templates!


Works at Landscape Also!

Dakboard appears amazing whether displayed vertically or horizontally! Our Wall The screen comprises mounting mounts for landscape style.