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This frame is absolutely fabulous, the graphics actually look nicer on the framework than on a notebook. I thought I would need to set my pictures through a program to make them HD quality (sharper/brighter) but once I transferred them to the framework before doing so, it appeared to do so mechanically. I suppose it’s because the frame is of HD quality. I like the simple fact that it includes a remote and that slideshows could be played; span (period) per frame can be controlled and the order of those. The USB cables that come with the framework and the built-in GB storage are all bonuses. The frame itself looks fantastic, a modern look. Size of this frame is big enough and adequate. It is not inexpensive looking and the quality passed my expectations. It’s easy to use. Would recommend.

Safety information

PlacementTo prevents fire or electrical shock, don’t expose this electronic photo frame to moisture or rain. To stop it keep the device away from powerful magnets, heat resources, direct sun, and excessive dust.

Setup –Be sure the digital photo frame is utilized in accord with the directions and examples.

Safety Precautions:

Objects and fluids –Don’t push objects of any kind to the electronic image frame via openings. Don’t spill or spray liquid of any kind in or on the electronic image frame (that can lead to a fire or electrical shock).

Don’t put anything – Heavy on the device.

The operation, never block or cover the slots and openings with a fabric or other material

Disassembly–Don’t try to disassemble the framework.

 There’s a possibility of electrical shock. Contact qualified service

Cleaning the electronic image frame–Once cleaning, make sure the framework is unplugged from the power supply. Utilize the furnished cleaning material, or even a cloth slightly dampened with water for cleaning the outside of the frame just.


To Decrease the risk of shock or fire hazard, don’t expose the framework to moisture or rain and unplug the framework during Lightning Storms.

Playing music and Movies from your

iPod or iPhone

You can use your digital picture frame for a docking station Playback, remote control, and charging to your device.

To play media from your iPod or iPhone:

  1. Push the docking Connector in to pop it out. Pull out it

To fully expand it.

      2 .Plug your own iPod or iPhone into the docking connector on the digital picture frame.

  1. Press (HOME) bottom to the Home screen.
  2. Press or ENTER. Press or To pick the type of media you need to

Press or to navigate via the menus, then-Press ENTER to open a sub-menu.

  1. Press (Play/Pause).
  1. Press (Back) to proceed backward through the menus.

Using the Remote Control to Browse Menus on your own

iPod or iPhone

Use Remote Control to Control Media.

Playback functions and browse menus onto an iPod.

In this mode, the screen of the iPod/iPhone is active and can be used as a Benchmark.

While browsing menus and selecting media for playback.

To navigate menus onto your own iPod or iPhone

Using iPod Direct Control mode:

  1. Plug your iPod or iPhone into the docking connector on the digital image frame.
  2. Press the (HOME) bottom.
  3. Press or

      4. Press or to pick the iPod Direct Control icon, then press ENTER.

      5. Press or to browse through the menus around the iPod or iPhone display, then press ENTER to start a sub-menu.

      6. Press (Play/Pause) to play with a selected media file.

      7. Press (Back) to move backward through the menus.

Setting up iPod/iPhone performance

To access iPod or iPhone installation options:

  1. Plug your iPod or iPhone into the docking connector ON.

The electronic image frame.

Two Press (HOME) to return to the Home screen.

  1. Press the iPod icon, then press ENTER.

      4 .Press or to choose the SETUP icon, then press ENTER.

The next table shows iPod/iPhone setup options.

Menu option Settings Description:

Auto Resume Enable/Disable

When Enabled, a media file that was playing while the iPod/iPhone was docked and in play style will resume.

Automatically when the iPod icon is chosen from the Home screen.

Vehicle sync. Time (between Frame and iPhone)



Set this option to Enable, to automatically synchronize the electronic picture frames.

Clock to your iPhone’s clock during docking iPhones.

Selecting the on-screen date/time -Display.

Selecting the on-screen date/time-Display

To choose the date/time display:

The accessible clock displays till you find one which you like.

Fit to display ON/OFF

Switch ON, where movies formatted for wide-screen will be converted to normal (4:3) ratio. Format to fill the entire screen.

When OFF, widescreen films will be shown in their original format.

Display mode Description:

Large screen with the background image.

The week using large-sized text in the middle of the screen with complete slideshow background images.

Notice: This option isn’t available for video playback mode.



      Copying Documents to internal memory

You can copy one file, multiple files, or all files from a memory.

Small screen with background picture with small-sized text from the bottom right corner of the display with full slideshow background images.

For video playback mode.

Large display with dual images shows the date, day and time of the week in at a full-screen manner with large-sized text. Double slideshow

Images are displayed under the clock display.

To copy selected files to inner memory:

  1. Press (HOME) to return to the Home screen.
  2. Press or to choose the type of files you need to copy (Photo, audio, or video), then press ENTER.
  3. Press —You want to copy the files from, then press ENTER.
  4. Repeat Step 4 to copy as many documents as you want Press or to select Copy selected (to replicate the documents you’ve Selected), or Copy All (to copy all files)
  5. Press ENTER to start the submenu, then Press or to choose Yes. Press / to pick a document you want to copy, then Press (SELECT) to select the file.
  6. Press ENTER to start the submenu, then Press or to choose Yes.
  7. The documents are copied.

    Copy images from your PC to inner Memory or an added memory device:

     1.  Switch on your PC.                                                                                             2.  Connect the mini-plug of the provided USB cable into the miniature USB jack on the digital picture frame, then connect the other end into an available USB port in your computer systems. The frame’s internal memory and any inserted disks.” Each memory place appears as a different removable disk, and are labeled SD, Internal Memory and CF.                        3. Use your computer’s regular drag and drop or copy and paste processes to move pictures on your computer to the framework’s internal memory or memory the card you inserted in the frame.                                                                  

Copy images from the Mac to internal Memory or an inserted memory device: 

  1. Switch on your PC.
  2. Join the mini-plug of the supplied USB Cable to the miniature USB port on the electronic picture frame, then connect the other end to an available USB port on your computer.
  3. A disk icon appears on the desktop computer for internal memory and any added media card (USB thumb drives do not Series ).
  4. Use your computer’s standard drag and drop or copy.       

    And paste processes to move pictures in your computer to the frame’s internal memory or a memory card you inserted in the framework.

    Customizing slideshows

    It is possible to set up a slideshow using images you choose.                                                                                                                                  

      To prepare a slideshow:

    1. Press (HOME) to return to the Home screen.
    2. Press or to select the PHOTO icon, then press ENTER.
    3.  Press or to select an inserted memory card, US  device, or the internal memory, then press ENTER.
    4. Press to choose a file you want to include in the customized slideshow, then press (SELECT) to select the document.

    Notice a checkmark appears in the upper the right corner of this document.

  5. Press or to choose Play Selected.

  6. Press ENTER to open the submenu, then press or to select Yes.

  7. A slideshow of the selected Pictures is played.

  8. To end the slideshow and clear the selected items, press(BACK).This returns you to the Thumbnail screen. From there, you may select a photograph to view or Begin another slideshow using regular procedures.

Customizing the picture display

You can magnify, rotate, and exhibit information about any image that the frame shows.

To magnify a photo:

  1. While a picture is displayed full screen.

Press (ZOOM). The picture Is magnified in size each the time you press on the button (you will find three zoom levels)

  1. Keep the slideshow.

    To rotate a photo:

    1. Though a picture is shown full screen (not as a thumbnail), press  (MENU).

    2. Press or to pick Rotate, then press ENTER. The image is rotated 90° clockwise with every press of the button.                          3. Press (PLAY/PAUSE) to last the slideshow.

To display Information Regarding the image:

  1. Though a picture Is shown full screen (not as a thumbnail), press (MENU).
  2. Press or to pick Image Information, then press ENTER. This advice is displayed about the picture.

    Document name

    File size



    Date and time established.

    To set the viewing choices:

    1.ENTER. Another menu opens, showing The available settings. The current setting is indicated by a square icon ( ) next to the setting.

    2 . Press  to highlight the setting, then press ENTER To select.

    3.  When you are finished, press (BACK) to return back.

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