Meural Smart WiFi Digital Photo Frame

Meural WiFi Digital Photo FrameMerchandise DescriptionThe Meural WiFi Photo Frame Developed by NETGEAR (MC315GDW-100PAS) 

Meural WiFi Digital Photo Frame

Merchandise Description

The Meural WiFi Photo Frame Developed by NETGEAR (MC315GDW-100PAS) enables you to share special moments privately and safely almost immediately on a gorgeous crystal-clear 15.6″ screen. Wherever you are, Meural makes it simple and easy to send pictures from your phone directly to a frame over WiFi. It’s a fully connected, picture-perfect approach to share your favorite photos with your favorite people.


Meural makes it easy for you to enjoy and manage your photos. Handle your canvas and program your articles to show when you would like to see it. Meural upgrades your photo library automatically so you do not have to. When did we go on that trip again? Where was this awesome restaurant? Just by swiping up on your Meural Canvas, you can see details about your photographs and recall where and when they were captured. Meural will automatically adjust the display brightness based on the quantity of light in your area and head to sleep when it’s dark. Your Meural WiFi Photo Frame also can display the 100 comprised famous pieces of artwork. Utilize Discover in the Meural app to browse through 30,000+ artworks. Now you can immediately share life’s precious moments and discover a world of artwork straight from the Meural WiFi Photo Frame.

An expensive digital display

Similar these include the ones from your home gallery or Netgear’s subscription-based artworks.

Actually, you can consider the Photo Frame as The mini desktop version of this Canvas. The two are the same in functionality and features. The only difference is that the Frame is smaller and includes a kickstand.

Good-looking, practical, but comparatively cheap Layout

At a glance, you would discover the Photo Frame quite attractive. It’s a 15.6-inch display that measures 16 x 10 x 1.68 in (408 x 259 x 42.4 mm), using a premium woodgrain-trimmed around the borders.

Made largely from plastic. It seems fairly flimsy, too, though more substantial than most picture frames you get from Wallmart. Simply speaking, physically, it doesn’t match something that costs a significant sum of money.

On the back, you’ll find a kickstand that allows the framework to remain upright, vertically, or horizontally. There’s also a well-thought-out L-shape groove plus a mounting piece for you to hang it up on a wall at either position easily.

Right where the kickstand attaches to the Frame is the power interface. The Meural includes a standard power adapter connected to some 5-foot long wire. It is something to think about when mounting the device. You are going to have to locate a power outlet for it and also a means to hide this cable.

Unfortunately, there’s no choice to make it Work with a battery. That’d be nice. You can then, for example, take it with You on a camping trip.

Meural Wi-Fi Photo Frame's Hardware Specifications

The electronic photo frame includes 4GB of Cloud-based storage space at no cost, enough to store thousands of photographs. You can increase the amount to around 20 GB by turning into a Meural member.

Meural Wi-Fi Photo Frame Specs


Meural Wi-Fi Photo Frame




16 x 10 x 1.68 in (408 x 259 x 42.4 mm)


2.9 lb (1.3 kg)

Screen Size

15.6-inch / Full HD LCD


1920 x 1080 resolution, 16:9 aspect ratio

Refresh Rate

60 Hz

Storage Space

Cloud-based 4 TB (free), 20 GB for member

Wi-Fi Standard Support

Wi-Fi 802.11a/b/g/n/ac (2.4GHz & 5GHz)

Video Format Support

.HEIC, .mov, H.264


Gesture, Orientation, Ambient light


1.8 GHz



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Meural Wi-Fi Photo Frame: Required Mobile app and login account First.

Required Mobile App and Login Account First.

Meural Wi-Fi Photo Frame is one of those products that’s entirely useless without the vendor’s interference.

After that, the app helps set up the apparatus, namely linking It to your own Wi-Fi system, giving it a name, and adding it to your account. The process was simple in my own trial. If you understand how to follow onscreen education, you won’t have problems getting that done.

Later, the Frame connects to Netgear constantly, and you control it through the seller.

This kind of complete vendor-assisted use means a couple of Matters:

You can’t set up or make changes to the Meural Wi-Fi Photo Frame’s content and setting without a live Internet connection.

All you want to display has to undergo Netgear first.

Among other things, you can imagine how that impacts your Privacy.

No User-Accessible Regional Storage

After Uploaded, then you can decide to send the photographs to the Frame.

As you can envision, how long this procedure takes depends upon the speed of your Web. With my broadband speed, it required about three to five seconds to upload a photo. That is not forgetting the time that I had to set the picture in my telephone — those I took using my DSLR. So yes, it was frustratingly slow in my view.

Keep this in mind if you’re a photographer believing the Meural Is a great device to showcase your work.

Getting the pictures to display on the Meural was much faster, mostly as a result of my faster download speed, but nevertheless was far from instantaneous.

Netgear won’t tell me just how much local storage the Meural has on Itself, but after it has received the images, it may still display them even when there was no Wi-Fi. So, the device must have some local storage by itself, but users don’t have any direct access to it. Everything must undergo Netgear.

Lots of Configurations and A Large Media Library

When working as intended, the app allows for much easier Management of this Meural Digital Frame. There are a lot of alternatives in most facets, from light to orientation to the time.

You can also use it to manually move things around on the screen, rather than the gestures. And talk about a gallery with friends, allowing them to add pictures to it.

Netgear Provides a few 200 free pieces of known artworks and Photos, but if you want to display more than that, you are going to have to opt for the membership.

As an example, if you are a fan of the famous Peanuts, you’ll find All 18,000 of these.

So, if you are a lover of electronic content, the $70/year membership Does not look so awful. But, keep in mind that, again, the Meural does not have any battery. It’s not just a fantastic apparatus on which to spend a good deal of time reading.

Aside from that, there are also arts that you need to pay to get, whether you’re a member. And There’s a long list of musicians whose Functions it’s possible to support.


In all, the Meural WiFi Photo Frame, or even the Meural Canvas for that matter, is an intriguing concept.

On the one hand, because of the high price and limited Performance, the system makes no sense. But if you’ve got one and start using it, then it might grow on you pretty fast.

It’s a kind of merchandise you don’t think you’d ever desire because frankly, nobody actually does. However, the Content it displays and the convenience of that will make it bearable at first. Shortcomings, including the potential privacy threat.

Meural MC315GDW-100NAS Review

  • Meural MC315GDW-100NAS Review:
  • Enjoy art and private photographs with the Meural Share your electronic photo albums and 15-second video clips over Wi-Fi with the Meural program, which will upgrade photographs in the frame when the album is updated. It’s a complete HD 1920 x 1080 anti-glare IPS LCD to supply a wide viewing angle. It has a built-in kickstand and comes with a wall mount, both of which support portrait and landscape orientations.
  • Enhanced Display
  • The Wi-Fi Photo Frame’s 13.5 x 7.5″ frame and 15.6″ Screen help bring your picture to life with all the clarity to make you feel as though you’re there.
  • Created for Easy Sharing
  • Connect Present photo albums to the photo frame for automatic Upload and screen. Location and date information allows you to relive your favourite moments and enables you to recall where and if they were captured. Anytime you upgrade your photo on your phone, the photograph framework will sync changes automatically.
  • Photo Sharing
  • The Wi-Fi Photo Frame allows you to stay connected with loved ones far away. Invite family and friends to share their photos to your photo frame and personalized photograph playlists.
  • The Wi-Fi Photo Frame is designed to seamlessly transition From portrait to landscape orientation and adjust its brightness to your room. Touch-less gesture controls allow you to flip through photos with a wave of your hands. 
  • Enjoy Art and Photography
  • Curate your own artwork collections by exploring galleries Containing over 30,000 images and works of art through the Meural program. Schedule your favorite artwork and photo playlists to display at the time of day that fits your mood. Wellness videos from ShareCare Windows are also included to decrease stress.
  • System Requirements
  • Apple: iPhone or iPad running iOS 11 or later.
  • Android: Devices running Android 5.0 or after.
  • Additional Features
  • Includes 100 famous Works of art.
  • TrueArt technology Helps provide lifelike photos and art from nearly every angle.
  • Upload and crop Photos and short video clips.
  • Constructed metal Stand suitable for landscape or portrait orientation.
  • Can show 15-second Video clips.
  • Wall-mountable in Either landscape or portrait orientation.
  • Lets you explore libraries of artwork and discover new artists through Custom artwork curations which are regularly refreshed.
  • Woodgrain trim.
  • Remotely manage the Behavior of the picture frame and set the way that it reacts to you and its Surroundings.
  • Browse artwork by Museum, motion, artist, color, and much more.
  • Refresh speed.
  • Up to 4K photo Format assistance.
  • HEIC video format support.
  • IPS anti-glare Display.
  • 1GB of DDR3 RAM.
  • 8GB storage Capacity; 4GB for image storage.
  • Quad-core ARM 1.8 GHz CPU.
  • Frame Gesture Sensor for vertical and horizontal orientations.
  • Ambient light sensor.
  • Dual-band Wi-Fi 5 (802.11 a/b/g/ / n/ac) built-in.
  • Designed to complement nearly any interior.

Easy to Control

Should I Purchase Meural Canvas II.

If the Notion of electronic photo frames causes you to go for The hills, the Meural Canvas II is the merchandise to convince one back. Admittedly, it presents a fairly hefty cost, but the price is completely Justifiable depending on the caliber of this TrueArt matte display. Equally competent Of bringing older masters and new digital photographs to life, the Meural Canvas II isn’t a little tech, it is a smart way of displaying art in your home. If You’re in photography and art, Canvas II is exceptional.

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