NIX 7 Inch Digital Photo Frame with Rechargeable Battery

  • 800 x 480 pixels
  • PC Windows Compatible Only.
  • Vehicle Rotate Motion Sensor that moves your photos when you rotate the frame to portrait position
  • Random Screen, Split Screen Choice, Mains AC Adapter included Remote Control.

The X07D is also an easy to use Digital Photo Frame from NIX for those who want a simple to use a frame that doesn’t compromise the integrity of top quality, hi-resolution WVGA LCD Display with LED backlighting. Attributes include an auto-rotate detector that flips your photos 90 Degrees when you physically rotate the framework. This optimizes the usage of the Screen for your portrait (vertical) pictures. Ideal for displaying that holiday you got back from! The sole purpose of this framework is to deliver complete simplicity of use. Being a Real Plug and Play, this frame is Excellent for people who just want a nice framework which works.

NIX 7 Inch Digital Photo Frame with Rechargeable Battery









Courtesy: Manufacturer

NIX 7 Inch Digital Photo Frame with Rechargeable Battery

Product information

Package Dimensions

8.9 x 5.75 x 3.54 inches

Item Weight

1.45 pounds



Item model number




  Courtesy: manufacturer


Guide to Buy

Rechargeable battery, digital photo frame.

While picking the electronic photo frame, You Need to consider certain factors prior to making a determination.

You could pick a connected electronic framework or a non-connected one. Connected digital photograph frames may be synchronized with your iCloud or even Google accounts and it is easy to upload images from that point.

If You Would like a Simple frame, however, then go to get a non-connected photograph frame which permits you to connect your USB and see photos from that point.

Aside from that, Start looking for subsequent attributes before purchasing

  • Storage area: You must ideally go to get a photo frame that has plenty of storage space. This will make it simpler for you to see as many images as you would like.
  • High image quality: Clearly, you need a digital photo frame which has a high resolution. The photographs must be clear so you may enjoy looking at them in the distance too.
  • Touch-sensitive: You do not need your frame to exhibit images 24/7. It must switch to a clock or calendar or another screensaver when nobody is about.
  • Smart layout: Your photograph frame ought to conceal the USB drive really well As it does not seem nice out from the broad. The Plan needs to be based on your place. frame. It is possible to opt for a broader frame in case you need to hang it on the wall.


An image frame that shows digital photographs with no necessity for a printer or computer. The introduction of digital photo frames tablet computers, which may serve the exact same function in certain scenarios; nonetheless, digital photo frames are usually designed particularly for the static, decorative display of photos and therefore usually supply a nicer-looking frame along with a grid intended for constant use.

Digital picture frames come in an Assortment of Distinct shapes and dimensions with a range of attributes. Some could even play videos in addition to exhibit photos. Owners are able to select a digital photo frame which uses a WiFi link or not, includes cloud storage, or USB and SD card disk drive.


Digital photo frames are various in sizes from miniature keychain-sized units to big wall-mounted frames spanning a number of feet. Some electronic photograph frames may simply show JPEG photos. They might also have the ability to send photographs to some printer or possess hybrid attributes.

Digital photo frames typically permit the display of images directly from a camera memory card and might offer internal memory. Some allow users to upload images into the framework memory by means of a USB link, or wirelessly through Bluetooth technology. Others include support for wireless links or use mobile technology to transport and share documents. Some frames make it possible for photographs to be shared by a framework to another frame.

Particular frames supply Specific program support including loading images within the Web from RSS packs, picture sharing websites like Flickr, Picasa and out of email.

Built-in speakers are Common for enjoying video content with audio, and lots of frames also contain remote controls. Battery-operated units can also be available through mobile.

A fresh generation of Framework businesses, for example, Meural, is emerging which unites larger formats, Built-in access to content that is artistic, and innovative management mechanics.

The aspect ratio of these frames may fluctuate. Common aspect ratios (Occasionally 16:9 frames are now 15:9). Based on the design and attributes, images that do not precisely match the aspect ratio of the framework might be cropped, elongated, or shrunk to match. This may lead to, respectively, pictures that are missing material, twisted, or that have blank space. This may be avoided by purchasing a frame having the aspect ratio that matches the camera or editing photographs into the goal aspect ratio prior to moving them to the framework.

Security problems

A variety of electronic photo frames, like the Insignia new digital frames fabricated in China, have been discovered to be carrying a Trojan horse dubbed Mocmex in their internal information storage.

Instagram enables third Party program users to link to their own Instagram photograph content utilizing OAuth to Screen photograph content and authenticate with no program storing login credentials. Eliminate security problems associated with preserving login credentials.

NIX 7 Inch Digital Photo Frame with Rechargeable Battery


The first creation of electronic photo frames has been Introduced in the 1990s and added displays with the capacity to take memory cards straight from digital cameras. Commercially available digital photograph frames began to appear shortly following the debut of digital photographs but didn’t find marketplace before the mid-2000s if the range of digital photographs together with the integration of digital cameras and mobile phones. First-generation frames appreciated widespread market adoption.

The second creation of digital picture frames included Connectivity to the net. In 1999 together with the Ceiva introduced an electronic photograph frame with dialup connectivity.

These frames used tablet platforms to construct photo frame attributes along. This enabled the use of battery and touchscreen technologies for eyeglasses out of PhotoSpring and Joy, and camera technologies by Aura and Joy.

NIX 7 Inch Digital Photo Frame with Rechargeable Battery

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