Nixplay Digital Photo Frame

Courtesy: NixPlay.

NixPlay Advance 8-inch Digital Photo Frame

  • Best digital photo Frame value
  • Wi-Fi: No Constructed storage: No
  • Sharp, vibrant Screen
  • Stereo speakers
  • Motion sensor
  • No onboard memory
  • Video restricted to 720p

As a compact frame For a desk or end table, the Nix Advance 8-inch Digital Photo Frame is a bright, colorful choice among the most effective digital photo frames. Its traditional 4:3 aspect ratio, LED-backlit display shows photographs in realistic and appropriately saturated colors with crisp details. Skin tones look natural, and the framework reveals deep blacks for black-and-white shots

The motion sensor assists the Nix Advance 8-inch Digital Photo Frame conserve energy so you don’t have to switch off the unit if the room is vacant. It accepts both USB and SD/SDHC cards for displaying a single photo, rotating a slideshow, or 720p video.

We also like its Handy date and time display. It’s a subtle attribute, but having this information available in a glance is always useful.

Nix Play 10.1 inch Digital Photo Frame

Item description

Stay near the household:

  • Share videos and photos from your telephone.
  • Share photographs and movie independently, safely: Share pictures into your loved ones’ Frames and invite others to share images into your own digital photo frame; send specific pictures or playlists to different frames and develop your Personal household sharing network Deal with the wifi framework
  • Using your telephone: The Nixplay program for iOS and Android provides you complete control over your framework; link to Google Photos to make sure your framework is constantly up to date; Dropbox, Facebook and Instagram also affirmed by the site.
  • A wall-mountable smart framework: That’s truly Smart: movement sensor turns the framework on/off mechanically; functions with Alexa, Just request the playlist you need.

Product information

Size: 10.1 inch


1.22 x 7.36 x 10.55 inches


1.3 pounds



Model Number



1 Lithium Metal batteries required. (included)


Nix play

Courtesy : Amazon







1 GB


1 GB



 2 x (2 W) Mono

 2 x (2 W) Mono

 2 x (2 W)

 2 x (2 W)


802.11 b/g/n

802.11 b/g/n

802.11 b/g/n

802.11 b/g/n

Nix Play 10.1 inch Digital Photo Frame

Review of Nix play 10.1"inch (Model W10F) Smart Photo Frame

Pictures are a Simple memento of Special Events. However, with the advent of social networking, photographs are so much more than that. At this time, you might use photographs to share your experiences with friends and family wherever they are.

Evidently, social sites are just useful for Individuals that are really connected and assess rarely. If you aren’t in the specific same period, you are not likely to have the ability to share all of your photos. In addition, you cannot hang a Facebook or perhaps Instagram post on your wall. A smart photo framework, on the other hand, allows you to do precisely that.

Today, previously, we called the Nixplay Smart Photo Frame among the best smart digital photo frames of 2020. The disadvantage of a “best of” post is It can be tough to do justice for anyone apparatus. We decided we’d devote a more In-depth overview of this Nixplay framework. We’re going to have a comprehensive look in any respect the attributes and benefits. We are going to talk connectivity along with the overall design and the picture quality. Hopefully, we’re in a position to provide you a much better picture of what this frame has to provide you with. Let us begin!

High-quality, vibrant display.

The full suite of cloud attributes.

Cloud be wall-mounted or sit on a tabletop.

Remote management for hands-free use.

Somewhat pricey.

Nixplay Digital Photo Frame

Excellent Design

The Nixplay 10.1″ Smart Photo Frame includes a Contemporary layout. In the front, it is comparatively Spartan, with a horizontal, angular framework. There is no boundary or imitation matting around the monitor. It runs directly up into the border of the framework, with no additional decorations. In the base border, there is a little motion detector, but it is not terribly obtrusive. Overall, the framework steps 10.55 inches tall, 7.36 inches broad, and 1.22 inches thick in portrait orientation. And at just 1.3 lbs., it’s simple to hang with no need for specific hardware.

But it increases the surface area, which enhances heat dissipation. Not that warmth should be a problem with an easy digital image frame, but it is a rewarding safety feature yet. The electricity is provided by an easy AC/DC adapter which plugs into your wall socket. There is also an internal battery, but it is primarily designed as a backup if your power goes out. It is possible to bend it needed for a variety of angles, or for landscape or portrait orientation.

As an alternative, you can mount the Nixplay framework on your wall. There are a total of eight twist slots, which permit you to hang it at almost any orientation. To get them, simply eliminate the kickstand, then plug in the power adapter.

Together with the frame, you Also receive a nifty remote controller. It’s a complete array of controllers, which allow One to flip the frame on or off, either skip photographs or select a playlist. You can also get into the frame’s menu to correct more advanced alternatives. If you do not want To utilize the remote on a daily basis, there is a convenient storage choice. Section of this Slap it in position, and you are great to go. It is going to be out of sight, out of your mind, and prepared for when you require it.

Nixplay Digital Photo Frame

Quality of Image

Is much better than old LCD technology. To put it differently, your image will appear right from practically any angle. It is almost like you are taking a look at a tangible print rather than a digital screen. At first glance, this may appear low, but it is not. At this dimension, even if the screen was in 4K, you would not have the ability to distinguish the difference.

Most modern electronic photographs. It is going to automatically adjust to landscape or portrait style, depending upon your framework’s orientation. This is going to lead to some letterboxing. But, it is also going to make sure your whole picture will exhibit, without anything getting cut away.

From Default, the built-in movement detector will turn your framework on or off automatically. If you enter the space, it is going to turn on, and it’ll remain on till there is no movement for half an hour. For a lot of, this is a perfect way to enjoy family photographs and help you save electricity at precisely the exact same moment. Nevertheless, if you do not need to have the movement sensor, you do not need to utilize it. It’s possible to leave the framework always on, always off, or perhaps specify a custom on/off the program.

Besides this remote, there is another control choice we did not mention. The voice command permits you the very same choices as the control. You may even opt for a specific playlist by simply stating its name. Pretty cool! Among the most advanced digital photo frames out there. It gives a complete collection of clever features, which means it is possible to upgrade it however you’d like. Whether or not you would like to use the program, email, or your favorite social networking, including photos is simple. All they need to do is download the program or have access to this email address. This makes it a fantastic alternative for the entire family. You may keep each other posted on your own lives, all in real-time.

Final Observation

The physical structure is quite great. A desk or hang it on the wall based upon what you need. And the mix of DC electricity and an internal battery Make Sure That you won’t abruptly run from Juice. The display is high-quality. The IPS panel permits a Very broad viewing angle, so it appears like an ordinary picture. Additionally, but The resolution is significantly more than high enough to your own display size. Throw in voice Control and movement detection, and you are taking a look at a terrific digital photo frame.


The company has sold almost two million frames to date and they are like to think about helping keep customers’ memories alive for longer. Here are a couple of things to think about while deciding how to select a digital photo frame.

  •  What will you mainly be using the frame for?

All Nixplay Frames connect to Wi-Fi and may be employed with the Nixplay Program, offering a wise way to share and display videos and photos together with your nearest and dearest. If you’re looking for a framework that can play music too, the Nixplay Seed Wave enables you to play audio from Spotify, filling your area with sharp sound.

  • Are you looking for a frame that complements your smart house?

The Nixplay Smart Frame and Nixplay Seed product lines are harmonious with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

  •  Do you need to play music from your frame?

The Nixplay Seed Wave framework connects to Spotify, allowing you stream all of your favorite songs and podcasts while still enjoying your photographs.

  • What frame size works best for you?

Our frames’ displays range from 8 inches to 18.6 inches. There’s a frame size that suits every corner, surface, or wall area in your house.

  •  Will the framework be sitting on a surface or mounted on the wall?

If you want to hang your frame on a wall, the Nixplay Smart Photo Frame range has a wall-mounting guide and screws for simple installation.

  • What’s the Difference Between NIX, Nixplay, and Nixplay Signage?
  • NIX Digital Photo Frames are crafted with premium high-resolution displays that may show your favorite pictures and videos in vivid color. NIX frames aren’t Wi-Fi harmonious, but they support plug-and-play out of a USB device or an SD/SDHC memory card.
  • Nixplay Smart Photo Frames are all designed for the easy sharing of photographs and videos memories securely and privately, especially between families and friends at a distance from one another. You can share photos and video from the phone directly to a Nixplay framework, wherever it’s situated in the world.
  • Nixplay Signage is built on the same principles as Nixplay, helping business owners who want to share insightful and engaging marketing and advertising content on custom signage displays from anywhere in the world. It is a superb vehicle for promotion messaging, videos, images, streamed content through programs, and other articles. Marketing campaigns can be scheduled to show up on multiple displays throughout the globe via an intuitive, easy-to-use content management system.
  • How is storage used on the Nixplay Cloud and on Nixplay Frames?

    Nixplay Cloud Storage

    Each Nixplay client has 10 GB of free Cloud Storage for your photo and media. Additional storage can be updated with a subscription plan.

    The Cloud Storage is used to store all the First photograph and networking content uploaded by you. Should you ever lose the frame, your files are safely stored on the Cloud.

    Used/available Cloud Storage distance at after logging in. Go to Account -> Subscriptions > “Storage Space”.

  • Length of local storage

    Can be used to store photographs downloaded in Nixplay Cloud. In this manner, your framework can continue to exhibit photographs with no network connection.

    The picture to best match the framework version you have. As an instance, a 10MB first image saved on Nixplay Cloud might lead to a 300KB picture on the frame after processing. This decreases network bandwidth utilization and storage on the framework.

    Hence a framework that has 2GB of complimentary neighborhood Storage is more than sufficient to hold all photographs from the 10GB Nixplay Cloud Storage since the framework holds a compressed optimized picture whereas the Cloud retains the initial full-length picture.

    Remember that the local storage behaves as a ‘cache’ to your photographs in Nixplay Cloud. Thus, even in the event that you reset or replace your framework, it may download the very same pictures from the Cloud.

    You can assess the framework of local storage utilization using the remote controller. On the In the Mobile app, go to My Frames > Click a framework > under the title of the framework There’ll be “x% Employed x of x-ray GB”.

  • How Do I View Google Photos in my Nixplay Framework?

To enjoy photos from Google Photos on your Nixplay framework, you will need to:

  1. Log in to an iOS or Android Nixplay mobile program (please notice that the online web application on doesn’t support this attribute )
  2. By the home, the screen in the Nixplay mobile app, proceed to ‘Photos’ and select new playlist’. Here you have 2 choices:
  • Create a standard playlist
  • Create a dynamic playlist with Google Photos. Select this option.
  1. Then you’ll be prompted to create a one-time consent from your Nixplay account to your Google Photos account. The Nixplay program will guide you through this procedure, requiring you to input your Google Photos username and password for authorization.
  2. Once approved, you may produce your Nixplay playlist from Google Photos. Select the mentioned below:
  •  All of your latest Google Photo.
  • Any your Google Photos albums or
  • The automatic category’ albums which Google Photos Has created for you.

Any of these options can be chosen as solitary playlists on any of your Nixplay framework (s).

    1. Every time the album is updated on Google Photos, your Nixplay playlist will be updated.
    2. Your Nixplay framework will appear to 1,000 of your most recent pictures from Google Photos on any single Nixplay playlist you have assigned to your frame.
    3. Nixplay syncs (or updates) Google Photos each hour.
    4. When you set up a dynamic playlist from Google Photos, then you can pick a category, which will automatically sync with the most recent 1,000 pictures. If you pick an album up to 1,000 pictures will be synced from this record, but in the sorting order that you have set on Google Photos.
    5. You can set the sorting order of the album within Google Photos. Proceed to the album, select more options’ on the top right, select click on the album’ followed closely by ‘Sort photographs’.                                                   
It's really easy to navigate

How do I utilize albums to add photos to my Nixplay frame online?

If you’ve not done so already, we would recommend that you see the first video in this series called how to add photographs to your Nixplay frame with playlists’.

When you upload media to the Nixplay Cloud From your hard disk or alternative sources, it needs to be uploaded into a Nixplay Cloud album. Records are the place where original photos are backed up on the Nixplay Cloud.

If you are starting out and adding your first Photos to your frame, you can already go directly to photographs and playlist. Alternatively, you can create an album, add photos to that record from multiple sources, then cherry-pick which photos from that record must appear in which playlists.

A record is your memory library in the cloud.

After Playlists, You’ll see Albums, which you need to click. Click’Create an Album’, give it a name and click ok. You will now be prompted to begin adding photos. Hit yes.

Choose Add Photos from the top of your screen. Locate the place, and select the photos that you would like added to your Album.

Drag and drop each individual photo to the playlist of your choice, or you can bulk select a number of photographs, and do exactly the same. Remember that you must always select save’ after adding photos from the record to a playlist.

Good to know is that you can also add Captions to individual photos when in Albums. In your Nixplay framework. Select any photo and then click on the caption to add.

Do NIX and Nixplay frames require batteries?

NIX and Nixplay frames aren’t battery-operated.

All NIX and Nixplay frames must be plugged into an electric power source in order to operate.

Could I connect my USB power cable to any USB power apparatus?

We strongly recommend that you only use the DC Power Adapter provided with your framework, and that you don’t connect your framework’s USB power cable to some other USB power supply.

Using another apparatus for supplying Power is considered an alteration of the merchandise and voids the warranty.

If For any reason your USB power adapter ceases to function, please contact our The customer Support team for help, ideally together with your order number, serial number and original shipping address to hand.

Which Nixplay frames are wall-mountable?

The Latest range of Nixplay Smart Photo

  • W13D
  • W13C

The following Nixplay frames are currently Not wall-mountable by default:

  • Iris
  • Seed (inclusive of Seed Wave)
  • Edge

The following frames can also be wall-mounted:

  • First 15-inch and 18-inch (75 x 75mm VESA).

Frequently Asked Questions

What orientation or rotation settings are available on Nixplay eyeglasses?

Nixplay frames can be placed in a Landscape or portrait orientation. Your selection of placement may be dependent on how the vast majority of your photos and videos have been oriented.

Enhance how your photos and videos are viewed depending on your orientation preference. These are recorded under settings’ and transition’.

Under ‘Settings’ and ‘Transition’, you can:

  • Fit to Screen that Ensures your entire photo or video will fit within the screen, irrespective of the orientation of the framework. Vertical or horizontal sidebars are likely to appear. However, in this transition setting, you can even opt to view black flat or vertical sidebars or blurred horizontal or vertical sidebars
  • Fill Screen which Will fill the whole display with your photograph or movie, with no sidebars — but cropping will occur.
  • Pan and Zoom Moves the photo very slowly through the screen, revealing sections at a time.

Add a poster or tile effect to your photos

  • The snapshot will automatically add a photo impact for your photos, adding a white border and digitally’ piling’ your photos on top of one another.

If somehow a photograph has made it into your framework that appears upside down, for example, you can rotate the picture after logging in online. Find the photograph in question in the corresponding album. As soon as you hover over the photo, you’ll see a menu (3 horizontal lines) appear at the top right corner of the photo. Click on this menu and hit the rotate icon until your choice.

The screen on my Nixplay frame flickers from time to time. How do I fix that?

If the screen of your Nixplay frame flickers,

  1. Plug the framework into a different power outlet.
  2. If the issue Still endures, please contact our customer support staff . Kindly include a 10 to 15-second video revealing the Framework’s flickering screen.
  • My Nixplay framework demands a critical software update. What actions should I take?
  • The next message appears after logging in to your Nixplay mobile program, what do I do next?

“Your frame calls for a critical software upgrade.”

This crucial software upgrade requires doing a Factory Reset.

Please notice:

  1. No matter your data, photographs or playlists will be missing. But after re-setting your frame, you will need to re-assign your playlists and re-apply your preferred settings to your frame.
  1. After re-setting your framework, it may take Up to 2 hours to the status to update on the mobile app or web program.

A Factory Reset is only going to work successfully if your framework is unpaired out of your account.

To Unpair your frame:

 Log in to your Nixplay Account through your cellular Nixplay Program or via website:

  1. Via mobile Nixplay App
  2. a) On the home screen, select the frame that you would like to unpair.
  3. b) Click the “Frame Settings” button, scroll down and click red’Unpair my Frame’.
  4. c) Enter the identical Password you used on your Nixplay Account, click”Yes”.
  5. Via
  6. a) Go to “Frames” and choose the frame that you would like to unpair.
  7. b) Scroll down to Playlist Settings and to the lower right side, then click’ Unpair this Frame.’
  8. c) Input the identical Password you used on your Nixplay Account, click “Yes”.

To reset the framework to original factory Configurations:

  1. You need to have a paper clip to hand.
  2. Unplug the AC Adapter from the framework.
  3. Using a paperclip, press and hold the reset button inside a little hole, location noted below depending on the model. (Please don’t use a push pin since it can damage the change.
  4. For Nixplay Original Length versions, the reset button is found in the hole beneath the power plugin.
  5. To get Nixplay Edge Frame models, the reset button is located in the hole over the SD card port.
  6. Following the upgrade, you will be asked to link the framework to your WIFI connection. When the frame is connected to the Wi-Fi, the sequential number will show up on the monitor.
  7. After re-setting the frame, you will need to pair it. While the frame displays the Serial Number: Log in to your Nixplay Account.
  8. Go to the home display on the mobile program or Frames Tab (on the web app) then select”Pair New Frame”. Enter your 16-digit Serial Number then proceed with the next steps provided.

Your Nixplay frame ought to start installing and downloading the latest updates. After The update, you will no longer have the”crucial software upgrade” Caution on your Nixplay phone or internet program.

 I have lost my remote controller. How do I get a brand new one?

  • How do I replace my remote control?
  •  How do I substitute my own power adapter?
  •  How do I substitute my framework stand?
  • If your accessories such as remote, power stand or adapter are Lost or broken, please don’t hesitate to contact our customer care team.
  •  Order Number
  •  Model of your framework
  • Serial number
  •  Part needed
  •  Reason for the broken or lost part
  •  Full Name
  •  First Delivery address.                                                                                                
  • My Nixplay frame screen is black/blank. What do I do?

    There are a couple of things you can try if you see a black or blank screen (i.e. your frame is not displaying any pictures or video):

    1. Check to find out if there are any photos on the framework. If there aren’t any pictures on the frame, it’ll automatically go to sleep after a minute. To check to see whether there are photos on the frame, use your remote control, go to Browse Playlist. All photographs should appear here.
    2. Verify that the frame is linked to power.
    3. If you’re able to see a faint display, check the framework’s brightness settings with your remote control. Go to Frame Settings and adjust the brightness.
    4. If the problem persists, please contact our Client Service staff. Kindly have your order number, a serial number which is added.                               

Nix Play 18 Inch Digital Photo Frame

Product Information:

Nixplay First 18 Inch Digital WiFi Photo Frame W18A – Wall-Mountable Digital Picture.

Length with Motion Sensor and 10GB Online Storage.

Screen and Share Pictures with Friends through Nixplay Mobile App.

  •  SHARE PHOTOS AND VIDEO PRIVATELY, SAFELY: Share pictures for your loved ones’ eyeglasses and encourage others to share images into your framework; Send particular photos or playlists to different frames and develop your Personal family sharing community
  • MANAGE THE FRAME USING YOUR PHONE: The Nixplay Program for iOS and Android gives you complete control over your framework; Connect to Google Photos to Make Sure that your framework is constantly up to date; Dropbox, Facebook and Instagram additionally supported from site
  • GET THE Wise FRAME That’s TRULY SMART: USB Drive, and SD Card Ports give you longer picture storage choices; Motion detector turns the framework on/off Once You enter/leave the space; Works with Amazon Alexa, simply Request the playlist you need.
  • SUPPORT Questions regarding your Nixplay Smart-Frame; We’ve got thousands and thousands of Happy clients, and we wish to do whatever we can to make you happy with Your framework. 



    Item Dimensions LxWxH

    1.3 x 18.39 x 11.42 inches





    Display Size

    18.5 Inches

Nixplay First 18 Inch Digital WiFi Photo Frame W18A

Unit Dimensions (WxHxD)

18.39 x 11.42 x 1.30 inch (without stand)

Net Weight

6.17 lbs.

Display Resolution

1366 x 768

Display Aspect Ratio


Display Brightness

250 cd/m2

Supported Photo Format


Supported Video Format



Hu-Motion Sensor, Infrared Sensor Reception: 2.5m


2 x (1.5W) Stereo Speakers, 3.5mm Stereo Headphone Input

Frequently Asked Questions and Troubleshooting


Take care when removing and adding memory cards, USB flash drives and cables. The copper connectors inside the framework that connects to an own memory card and USB flash drive are by their character, delicate. Repeated rough use will almost certainly cause wear of the delicate aluminum connectors. Also note that the memory card slots are in turn, directly mounted on the Digital Photo Frame’s main circuit board. Do not push too hard when adding memory devices as this can eventually damage the internal circuit board, in the event the USB Flash Drive becomes unreadable or it’s not working correctly, you can restore it by reformatting. Under ‘file ‘ you need to select ‘FAT 32’. This may, however, delete any files you have saved on the apparatus.

Q: Why will my Digital Photo Frame not turn on?

A: Press the power button on the rear of the framework. If you guess the power adapter may be faulty, contact us and we will send you a new one. Make Sure You provide the model of frame you have along with your address.

Q: Specific. AVI and MPEG-4 Video files are not playing properly. Why?

Fundamentally there is no absolute standard format and every significant camera manufacturer keeps upgrading their particular versions of the movie file to improve compression. But, it’s possible to convert your files into standard formats. Please visit for the newest information on converting your files.

Q: The slideshow occasionally hangs on a specific picture. What’s happening?

A: Occasionally the framework becomes stuck on a particular picture. First of all, make sure you’re using the photo that might have been edited or stored in a manner that’s not fully compatible with all the frames processor. The only practical solution we’ve found is to delete that photo in the file. If you had access to the first camera card, you are able to reload the original.

Q: Just how large can Memory Cards be in Capacity?

A: The simple answer is that our eyeglasses will accept most High-Capacity Memory Cards such as, for, however, bear in mind that if there are thousands of files in your card and they are indifferent If you are just dealing with JPEG’s for Instance, you should Have the Ability to see as many as your card contains. Furthermore, If the framework doesn’t appear to be reading a card, it is worth checking Properties and ensuring that ‘fat’ is chosen.

Q: Why won’t the Photos I edited in Photoshop play on my Digital Photo Frame?

A: NIX Frames recognize JPEG files only, so if a picture is shot into Photoshop for alterations make sure that you save your job as JPEG-STANDARD or STANDARD-JPEG. Furthermore, If you have saved documents as CMYK, they will be unreadable, so you should convert them to RGB.

Q: How come you will find blank images in the thumbnail view and also during the slideshow?

A: This may sometimes occur if your personal computer is an Apple Mac. Apple Mac’s rescue jpegs as an index document do not show up on the Apple Mac, but if you transfer the picture to a PC, a USB Flash Drive or the index file is always only 1kb in size and shares the exact same file name. This frame ought to be able to only dismiss these records after showing a slideshow and jump over them, but occasionally it will display the blank image. Occasionally, it will also display the index file from the thumbnail view as a red X. Consider deleting them in ‘Document’.

A: Some pictures aren’t appearing in the correct orientation?

 The usual way inclined. Check them at a camera again to see if this is how it is. If they were only rotated on something like Windows Explorer, they will not have really saved in the new orientation, for your Digital Photo Frame to correctly save photographs in a Specific orientation on your PC, you need to do so by employing a Photo Editing Program that empowers this, such as iPhoto, Photoshop.

 Q: If rotate a Photo, why are there black bars on either side of the image?

A: It simply isn’t possible to match a vertically oriented picture in an entire horizontal screen or match a horizontally oriented picture into the whole vertical screen. This would distort the image.

Q: What’s my Remote Control not working correctly?  

If the Remote Control is new, firstly be sure you have eliminated the plastic tab from between the battery and the tray. Now be sure you are pointing the Remote Control ahead of the Remote Sensor and you’re pressing the buttons slowly. Should you suspect the battery is flat, you will need to replace it with a CR2025 lithium-ion button-cell battery. Should you suspect the Remote Control is not working at all, please email us and we will send you a fresh one. Be sure to supply the model of frame you’ve got along with your address.

Q: How do I play with Photos in the exact sequence I wish to see them?

A: It is sometimes possible that your camera, memory stick, or the applications you’re keeping your images on having arranged your photos in a certain sequence that plays fine on the original device but not on the frame. We recommend that you pick the photos you want to see in a specific sequence, then load them individually onto the SD Card or USB Flash Drive in the precise order you want. So if you are loading from a computer, choose the first photo you need from the group, add it to the Disk Drive. Now select the second picture you would like from the collection, add it next to the first photograph. And so on. Before you finish, just make sure you Examine the window where you’ve put these files and you’re satisfied that from left to right, they look in the arrangement you would like to see them. The framework’s processor will know this and display the photographs in the order you individually put them onto the memory apparatus. Simply select a folder of a variety of

File names (even if they are number or date special ) and loading them onto the memory device may not work.


This frame includes a full one-year Manufacturer’s Warranty. You don’t need to register your Warranty. In case your fame requires any servicing, you just need to contact via the website:

Please give a copy of your original order advice as evidence of purchase and always keep a backup of your photos!

Note: Your warranty doesn’t cover damage brought on by incorrect usage of memory devices.

Safety & Compliance

Always follow these basic safety precautions when using your Digital Photo Frame. This will reduce the probability of fire, electrical shock, merchandise damage and personal injury.

Warning: To reduce the risk of electric shock, don’t remove the cover or back. There are no User-serviceable components inside. Refer servicing to qualified employees.

Warning: To prevent fire or electrical shock hazards, don’t expose the unit to moisture or rain.

Do not expose the Digital Photo framework to water (dripping or splashing). Objects filled with liquids, such as vases, should not be placed near the unit stoves.

▪ Don’t obstruct the ventilation openings. Slots and openings on the device are provided for ventilation. The openings should never be blocked by placing your Digital Photo Frame onto a cushion, sofa or another similar surface.

▪ Don’t put the Digital Photo Frame in an unstable cart, stand, tripod, bracket or table.

▪ This Digital Photo Frame is not suitable to be used by a child.

▪ Simply use the AC adapter included on this Digital Photo Frame to void your warranty.

The point where the cable attaches to the Digital Photo Frame.

The adapter is specifically designed with this framework, use of an alternative model might cause problems, both for eyeglasses with re-chargeable batteries, and standard frames.

In case of loss or failure of this adapter, please contact to support department via telling us exactly the model or the framework, where and when bought. The manufacturer will send you a new adapter to your address. For the USA, Canada and Europe this is a free service.

Explanation of Preferences


Pick what language the framework will function in.


Time Pick the Length of the slide interval from 3.

Slideshow Mode

Pick from a range of transition effects for the slideshow

Movie Repeat Mode

Allows you to repeat one Video, all videos or with no replicate.

Screen Mode

Pick the way your photographs appear on the screen: Optimal or Original.


Allows you to set the Time and Date.


Changes the brightness of the image settings.


Changes the contrast of the picture settings.


Changes that the saturation of these picture settings.

Split Screen Function

Allows you to view up to 4 pictures on the screen at the Exact Same time.

Hu-Motion Timer

Set the time of the Motion Sensor. Details.


Restores Factory Settings.

Motion Sensor              

Photo Frame to mechanically turn

On if it detects human movement and away when there’s Nobody around it.

First, you will need to choose the timing of the Motion Sensor. Choose between 5/10/30 minutes or 1 hour. Whatever you choose, this implies that if the framework does not sense human movement at this time, the frame will automatically turn off. When someone re-enters the room and movement are sensed within 2.5 Meters of this framework. It will turn ON, resuming the display that was on the screen before it turned off. Videos will resume themselves.

To set the attribute, press the setup’ button on the Remote Control. Scroll down the screen, until ‘Hu Motion Timer’ is emphasized. Currently, using the [◀][▶] Arrows, you can place the amount of time to elapse before the framework turns away, having felt no movement in the setting.

If you do not want to utilize the Motion Sensor attribute, select it To ‘Away’. Press ENTER to Save Setting.

Clock and Calendar

1) To set the Time, press the setup’ button on the Remote Control. Scroll down the screen, until’Time’ is highlighted. Now, using the [◀][▶][▲][▼] arrows, you can set the time based on YEAR/MONTH/DAY/ / HOUR: MINUTE Press ENTER to store these changes.

2) To view the Calendar, choose the Calendar icon from the Main Menu. A Photo slideshow will play in a little window in the lower right corner.

Getting Started

1) To set up your Digital Photo Frame, first, you have to attach the rack.

3) Add the power lead into the Digital Photo Frame’s Socket marked DC.

4) Switch on the Digital Photo Frame by pressing and holding the POWER Button

 Press on the ON/OFF BUTTON for 3 seconds to turn on.

After turning to the device, this display will appear:

If you have memory devices inserted into the framework (ie SD/SDHC or USB Flash Drive) they will appear as an extra icon in this Menu.

For Example: Use the [◀][▶] buttons to browse, then press ENTER to choose an alternative.

Seeing Your Pictures

This Digital Photo Frame Permits You to view JPEG Photo documents only.

▪ After picking the memory card device you need to see your Photos from, you’ll notice several choices displayed in the diagram below. Select ‘Picture’ to see your photographs by pressing ENTER. Press ENTER to begin enjoying your own photos.

The information bar will appear on the monitor.

This Permits You to jump back and forth via the


Viewing Your Pictures Out of a Folder

In Case You Have photos in a particular folder which you want to View individually, go to edit’ from the Menu and then press ENTER:

You need to see a listing of files and folders on the device. Find the folder you would like to open, therefore it’s highlighted yellow. Now press ENTER again to begin seeing photos from only this folder.

Seeing Your Videos

This Digital Photo Frame Permits You to see MPEG-4/AVI Video Documents only.

If you encounter issues with video playback, please consult with our website FAQ section at which you will find connections on Video Conversion programs.

▪ Select the Picture icon in the Menu, then press ENTER. Your Video files will record on the monitor.

To see and press ENTER to perform with.

▪ Throughout the movie, you can press the MENU button and also an Information bar will appear on the monitor.

This Permits you to fast forward or rewind, jump back and Forth through the movie series, stop the movie or zoom in on the monitor.

The Nix Advance 15-inch digital photo
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