Old Monitor Turn into Digital Picture Frame

For less than $30, you can convert your old LCD computer display to a digital photo frame. By the way, the monitor’s output is just VGA. It’s important information that’s accompanied by photos and high-definition images from all over the world. Download this picture in High-Definition for free by clicking the “download button” below. If the precise resolution you’re searching for isn’t available, choose a native or higher resolution.
Remember to use Ctrl + D (PC) or Command + D (Mac) to turn an old monitor into a digital image frame (macOS). . If you’re on a mobile device, you can also access the menu drawer through the browser’s menu bar. The download button works with Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android operating systems.

Old Monitor Turn into Digital Picture Frame


Convert an old monitor to a digital photo frame. Before you get enraged that you spent many dollars on this device for what seems to be nothing, let’s see what you can do with your picture frame to repurpose it as a useful tool. All of the digital photo frames seem to be 15×15 or smaller, and I’d prefer at least an 11×17. I am aware that mine lacks a frame, but I just do not have the time to construct one at the moment, and for the time being, I prefer the way it looks as-is.

Changing the Operating System on Your Computer. I have an outdated ThinkPad x20 laptop and a Samsung 20-inch monitor that I no longer use with my computer setup. If you don’t have an old monitor, you can still construct this for less than fifty dollars.


Create a digital photo frame using a flat screen monitor or television. You may secure wooden batons with screws or even cut metal sheets into appropriate corner pieces. The idea is to remove the screen, reverse it, and install it inverted in a 17×13 inch hefty frame beside the original chassis. This will allow us to reuse the chassis in the future for various purposes.

In this video, I’ll demonstrate how to repurpose an old monitor into a digital image frame that will blow any commercially available digital picture frame out of the water. However, you do not need to purchase a digital picture frame; in fact, if you are reading this on a computer, you are looking at one. Digital picture frames are an excellent method of displaying your photographs.


However, I chose to transform it into a digital photo frame for my girlfriend’s workplace. Self-made digital photo frame. Utilize an old monitor and a media player with an SD card reader.

What is the simplest, most cost-effective, and most creative method to convert it into a digital photo frame? This instruct able will demonstrate how I constructed a huge digital photo frame that dwarfs anything you can get in a shop. You may sit back and relax while watching a continuous slide presentation of your favorite photographs.

My frame is built around a 15-inch LCD monitor that I had lying around the house, but there is no reason why you couldn’t use a l. I have an old laptop without a hard drive and an old DVD player with RCA outs that I would want to utilize in any manner possible.

Simple and Cheap way

So I had this old monitor laying around, and I wanted to do something with it. And so I had the idea to turn it into a digital picture frame, I was looking online, I couldn’t figure out any tutorials or any simple means of doing it. People recommended getting a Raspberry Pi, connecting that to it. But that was just too difficult and tedious. I just wanted a really simple, simple way. And so since I couldn’t find one, I figured it out myself. And I’m trying to and I’m going to share, I’m going to share it. So if you have an old monitor laying around, turning into a digital picture frame is as easy as getting an amazon fire stick. If your monitor has HDMI capabilities, you can get your amazon fire stick and like I plugged the amazon fire stick into the HDMI port.

What you need for this?

Everything I have I had the Amazon firestick laying around, I bought it when I was brand new. For 1999. It was on sale for Prime members. So just plug that in and booted up. After you booted up, it’ll come up like this. What’s great about the amazon fire stick is that has a photo of a photo tap here. And Amazon allows you to upload an unlimited amount of photos, photo photos to their cloud storage. If you have a prime membership. Or I think any membership, I’m not sure about that, you’d have to check it. But upload all your pictures and just it syncs up to the email that you put on here.

How to put photos?

Old Monitor Turn into Digital Picture Frame

You just click on photos to make folders etc. and just go to start slideshow. And it runs continuously. You don’t have to mess with it. It doesn’t turn off on its own, you can customize it here. I usually keep it on mosaic and slow. I keep it on shuffle. And so just stays on all day all night. 24 seven, and it just keeps going just like this. And what I’m going to eventually do is I’m going to build a frame a wooden frame, I’m going to have it I’m going to take this in the bottom off, have the wooden frame just cover the edges here at the bottom and I’m going to friction fit it that’s going to be pretty big, well not that big, because it’s a pretty thin monitor.


But also what I did is since the amazon fire stick has its own power supply, I took the monitor power supply and amazon fire stick power supply and I connected it to an extension cord. And so when I when I build the digital picture frame, I’m going to have enough room to put all the cords tucking in there and then just have the extension cord coming out of the bottom and plug that into the wall. So that way I don’t have to like solder the amazon fire power into the monitor like I saw that people doing just making it too complicated. I just wanted it simple. And this is very simple in my opinion. took me less than five minutes to get it set up. And I definitely liked the way it looks. Alright, that’s it. Hope this helped somebody. I hope this helped you guys out.

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