Smart Frame as a PC Monitor Everything you need to know

How to Use a Digital Picture Frame As a PC Monitor? Smart frames were designed particularly for the display of photo files. Thanks to technological advancements, many digital picture frames can now function as a color display monitor for your computer via a direct peripheral connection. These picture frames can be utilized without a specific video-card connection and, in many cases, without the need to download and install additional device drivers. Most Smart frames already include the necessary software for secondary display functionality, allowing for simple plug-and-play operation. To make Smart Frame as a PC Monitor the steps are:


Smart Frame as a PC Monitor

Connect the electronic Picture frame to a USB port on your PC using a USB cable. The big connector on one end of the frame’s USB cable should go to the USB port of the PC using the mini-connector end connecting to the image frame.


Permit the PC to detect the image frame. The Windows XP operating system and above should undergo an automated detection process, applying the necessary drivers. When the drivers aren’t available on your operating system you will have to supply the drivers yourself, either by downloading them in the image frame manufacturer’s website or simply by loading the drivers in the CD as part of your picture frame. Use the necessary drivers by running them in the CD or in the hard disk.

Step three TO PC MONITOR

Pick the desired Settings to your digital image frame through the display settings. To get the screen settings for your new PC display, right-click with the mouse on you Operating system background computer. Choose “Display Settings”, then click on the listed digital image frame among the monitor choices. Pick your preferred display type, possibly “Mirror” which displays a precise Lift your desktop computer to the new display. Opt for the resolution and color depth for the picture frame, then press “OK” to save the new settings. The display should change to your preferred preferences and begin to function as a Smart Frame Monitor

In Conclusion

 How to Use a Digital Picture Frame As a PC Monitor? I can say that, Directly connected to your computer, many digital photo frames can serve as a color display monitor. Smart frames come pre-installed with the software needed to turn on a secondary display, so they may be used right away. Right-click your mouse on your operating system background computer to access screen settings for your new PC display.

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