Smartparts SP104C 10.4-Inch Digital Picture Frame

Smartparts SP104C 10.4-Inch Digital Picture Frame

Product Dimensions

17 x 12 x 3.25 inches

Item Weight

3 pounds



Item model number



2 CR2 batteries required.



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Merchandise Description

A bit of elegance and deliver joy to any area! The Wood frame that’s guaranteed to please anybody. Together with the SP104C you can see photographs and listen to music with no computer! The 10.4-inch screen features 640 x ray 480 resolution and Is Ideal for viewing your JPEG pictures in a constant slide Show or mode. There is an OptiPix Pro application installation File pre-loaded on the framework’s internal memory that may enable you to see your Vertical photographs the ideal way. It may also allow you to sharpen your photographs, find and transfer pictures to a framework, and fit more images on your framework. Utilizing OptiPix Guru you are able to save up to 2,000 images in your frame! The Smartparts SP104C comes with 128 MB of internal memory, but you can add a Put this SP104C A wall, where you put it, it is guaranteed to put a grin on your face! Purchase today!

Around Smartparts, Inc.

According to Totowa, New Jersey, Smartparts, Inc. is among the pioneers of this fast-emerging Digital Picture Frame merchandise class. Now, its venture with Wynit, Inc. supplies innovative supply capacities with distribution centers in California, Tennessee and New York.

Bright parts digital Image frames offer a means to show your favorite digital images without even printing them out. In electronic photo frames, photographs are saved to a memory card embedded into the framework, and the display on the framework displays the image of your choice. If you choose to observe each of the photos stored on the memory card, then you may make a slide show to show them.


Image Framework! SyncPix™ frames comprise revolutionary tech that makes moving photos from a memory card into the framework virtually effortless.

The new image frame does some wonderful things.

  • Your new digital image frame enables you to see photos and videos and listen to audio — without a computer.
  • An automatic, continuous slide show enables you to enjoy all your Photographs easily.
  • Changes  Photos preferences, and much more.
  • Photos can be seen directly from the memory cards from the Frame’s built-in memory.
  • The framework can be attached to a pc to quickly and readily transfer images from your hard disk.
    • To start using your electronic picture frame straight away, follow these simple actions.
    1. Connect the AC power adapter into the framework and plug the Adapter into an electrical socket.
    2. Add a memory card to the Proper card slot, or Plug a USB flash drive to the USB port on the face of this frame.
    3. To turn the framework press on the switch into the side of this framework to the position.
    4. The slide show starts automatically. To prevent press Exit.

    How to Insert Memory

    There are two memory card slots on the face of the digital picture frame.

    • The smaller slot is for Secure Digital, Multi-Media Card and XD Picture Cards.

    • The bigger slot will take Compact Flashcards.

    A Card could be inserted in just 1 direction. It should match snugly When correctly inserted. Don’t induce a card or you will risk damaging your electronic image frame and also the card.

    To select from the numerous sorts of memory, Media Exit before the Memory devices are emphasized at the base of the display.

    The desirable memory type. Press OK to get the chosen memory type.

    Installing Pictures

    Measure 1

    Connect the picture Framework to your computer by plugging one end of the supplied USB cable into your Smartparts picture frame and the other end into your PC. After several minutes, your computer will recognize the image frame as an external device.

    Measure 2

    Click “My Computer” on your computer and start the drive containing the electronic picture frame.

    Measure 3

    Copy and paste each of the images that you need on If you don’t place the images in this folder, they won’t look on the framework display.

    Showing Pictures

    Measure 1

    Twist the Smartparts AC adapter to a power Socket and press the”Power” button on the framework or the remote controller to turn on the framework. A set screen along with your viewable folders will show up on the monitor.

    Measure 2

    Pick the folder You Would like to See by Highlighting it with the right or left arrow buttons on the remote controller and press”Enter.”

    Measure 3

    Decide on a picture to show by highlighting it The entire image will appear on the monitor.

    Measure 4

    Remote controller or framework to make a slide show of all of the images stored on the memory cards.

    Measure 5

    Return to the menu selection screen by pressing the “Exit” button on the Remote control or your framework


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