Smartparts SPX12 Digital Photo Frame

Smartparts SPX12 Digital Photo Frame

This Smartparts Electronic Photograph frame sports a sleek, slender design plus a generous 12″ LCD display. Simply pop into a compatible memory card, and you are prepared to display your images and videos. Or utilize the USB port to transfer photographs from your personal computer or USB flash drive into the framework’s 256-megabyte memory. Built-in software optimizes your photos to the screen and allows you to personalize slideshow modes.

12.1-inch Smartparts SPX12 Digital Picture Frame Features


Wooden Frame

Screen Size



800 x 600

Aspect Ratio

4:3/SyncPix Technology

File Format

JPEG, AVI Motion JPEG, MPEG-1, MP3 / Automatic Picture Transfer

Music And Video System

/ Easy-to-use 5-way button

Internal memory

256 MB

Storage capacity

·       Stores up to 3,000 pictures. Auto Picture Rotation / Built-in Speakers / Wall-mountable.


Built-in Speakers/ Wall-Mountable.

  • This is a Smartparts Electronic Photograph frame sports a slender design plus a generous 12″ LCD display. Simply pop into a compatible memory card, and you are prepared to display your images and videos. Or utilize the USB port to transfer photographs from your personal computer or USB flash drive into the framework’s 256-megabyte memory. Built-in software optimizes your photos to the screen, and allows you to personalize slideshow modes.

Product highlights:

  • 12-1/12″
  • Harmonious with Cards™
  • built-in 256MB Memory for storing photographs.
  • LCD display Resolution: 800 x 600 pixels.
  • displays JPEG Images and AVI Motion-JPEG and MPEG-1 video documents.
  • WMA sound files through built in speakers.
  • Light sensor activates screen as it senses light.
  • mini-USB .
  • SyncPix Applications for Windows to resize and resize photographs.
  • Remote management.
  • Works on AC Electricity.
  • Tabletop stand Is removable for wall-mounting.
  • Guarantee: 90 Times.

Product Research Characteristics:

The SPX12 uses an intuitive interface for one-step image transfers and has the power to store and organize around 3,000 pictures. You just insert your memory card to the framework and permit the device’s SyncPix software to resize, optimize, and also save copies of your photographs on the framework’s 256MB of memory. Pictures and audio files may be rearranged and sorted into records, allowing full customization of slide-shows.

Media Formats: The electronic image frame supports JPEG image files; AVI Motion JPEG and MPEG1 audio files; along with MP3/WMA audio files.

The picture frame includes 256MB of internal memory to store your JPEG pictures. The SPX12 can save up to 3,000 JPEG pictures.

The ideal side of this electronic image frame. The huge slot will take Compact Flashcards. The SPX12 permits you to automatically move your JPEG pictures from the added memory card into the framework’s built-in 256MB memory card or see pictures directly from the memory card without copying them into the framework. Pictures displayed directly in the memory card is going to be displayed at a slide-show method.

Help transfer pictures and other websites from the computer to your own digital image frame through the device’s miniature USB type-B port and the supplied USB cable. You may download the newest SyncPix Desktop Tool by linking to http://www/

This program can be used with Windows PCs (2000/XP/Vista) only and doesn’t support Macintosh computers.

USB Port: The electronic image frame also features a USB Type-A port in order to Can join your USB Flash-Drive. The SPX12 will see that your USB Flash-Drive exactly the identical manner it sees an inserted memory card.

Software permits for the framework to mechanically:

  • Detect when a memory card has been added.
  • Ascertain when there are new photographs in an additional memory card.
  • Transfer copies of your photographs to the framework’s built-in memory.
  • Restart your vertical photographs so that they are displayed the ideal way on the monitor.
  • Keep up to 3,000 photographs on the framework’s memory.
  • Place itself to sleep if nobody is in the area.


One of the key characteristics of this SyncPix digital image Framework is the capacity to copy photos from a memory card into the framework’s built-in memory. This permits you to set your card back into your own camera and keep taking photos while the electronic frame displays your photographs.


The electronic image frame will allow you to save your photographs into Records and organize them in the order where you need to see them.


The SPX12 Permits you to see you’re saved images as a slide-show. The framework provides the next slide-show settings.


Lets you pick unique styles of slide-show consequences.


Permits you to change the time delay throughout the slide-show.

Picture Size

 Select Original to have your pictures show inside their initial shape even when they do fit the form of the display. Select Optimal to get your pictures to fill the display.


Lets you pick different replicate modes for video or music file playback.

Video Clips

The electronic image frame can play with video clips Which Are into 30 frames per minute.

For listening to the desktop in a slide-show.

Desktop Music: The SyncPix digital image frame can Play audio (MP3/WMA files) from the backdrop of a slide-show. To include audio, just copy a couple of MP3/WMA files on the framework’s internal memory. In case the MP3/WMA files are on a memory card, then the framework can move them into its internal memory like photographs.

Remote management: Each the digital image frame’s attributes can be obtained using either the remote control or the buttons on the surface of the framework.

Frame adjustments: You may adjust the LCD display’s brightness, contrast, and color.

Picture Zoom: A picture can be zoomed at different degrees.

Picture Rotation: A picture’s screen orientation could be rotated 360-degrees.

Clock: The Electronic picture frame includes an Integrated clock that Can be exhibited on the ” LCD display.

Alarm: The electronic picture frame includes an Integrated Alarm function That may be set to ring at a particular time every day.

Works from regular household AC current with the provided 12V/1.5A AC adapter.

Lighting Sensor: The electronic image frame’s top-mounted embedded mild Sensor turns off the unit when the light goes out from the area and turns back the unit when the light returns.

Automobile Power: You can schedule a Particular time for your own image frame to Turn On/Turn OFF.

Multi-Language Screen: 

The frame allows you to choose different languages such as (English, French, or Spanish).

Product Research

The digital image frame could be table-top suspended or mounted on the wall. The electronic Picture frame comes provided with a detachable, table-top mounting rack that the Screen angle of the framework may be adjusted by sliding the rack down or up. The digital image frame also offers a key-hole slot which permits you to mount the SPX12 in your wall vertically or horizontally. The unit’s applications automatically rotate the picture so it’s displaying correctly on the monitor Irrespective of the framework’s orientation.

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